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Battleswick farm

Throw away the rule book and all you know about venues!

Battleswick Farm is not like any other wedding venue! Its is a family home and family run wedding venue. Run by h Mandy. Their experience in weddings and events spans over two decades and across the globe. 

Browse through the gallery of past events of Mango Pie, the owner’s sister company, to see the level of design and event. 

What's included in my venue hire fee?

We have a list of furniture which for use in the barn, on the field and in the haybarn, see previous page. There are don’t have to worry about trailer toilets. 

How will the day flow?

You tell us. We are not going to tell you what time guests must arrive by or where to get married or when to eat. W much time you should allow for different elements, but its your day, you tell us how you see your day unfolding. 

Which suppliers would you recommend?

We have no affiliations with any companies, and don’t charge any commission. Our supplier’s list is organised into with your search. Any supplier we place in the recommended list is because we have seen their work, had positive behind the company. Download our recommended suppliers list below.

Where can I get married legally?

Fingers crosssed from  

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Our Venue Through a Lense

We are here!

Battleswick Farm, Rowhedge Road, Rowhedge, CO5 7JP

If you are using Google or Apple Maps, the pin is very accurate and will bring you here. 

The events public entrance is via the field gate directly next to the “Welcome to Rowhedge” green sign. You will also see the Battleswick Farm and Silo Bar, gallow sign, hanging above it.